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Our story

How it all started

Hi, my name is Alon, I'm an ordinary guy that led an active life until a not so ordinary change in plans in 2016 had me undergo a kidney transplant. Recovery was not easy, I had to be careful with everyday tasks, not to mention, practicing sports as I used to do on a daily basis. Therefore, it's safe to say, that getting back to an active lifestyle became my mission. I wished for a solution that was both comfortable and protective enough to shield my new kidney. So as they say, "you create your own future", and that's exactly what I did. With a team of wonderful nephrologists, surgeons, and kidney recipients, we were super proud to design and create the HeroKi's Kidney Shield, for me, and for all you kidney heroes out there.

Now we can all live our life, naturally.

Share with the community! Our goal at HeroKi is to improve the lives of kidney transplant recipients and inspire millions of dialysis patients worldwide. We would love to hear your story and how you use your kidney shield. Email us a photo of you, and your story!

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The HeroKi Team

Here at HeroKi, we aspire to inspire kidney recipients to bring out their inner heroes and simply, live their lives! The kidney shield is our flag at the top of the mountain. After a beautifully orchestrated journey with a team of brilliant and talented dreamers with one thing in mind, we've created a solution that is protective, comfortable, and looks quite awesome. So, we did a pretty good job, and now, kidney heroes can conquer their own personal mountain. With confidence.

Alon Magal

Co-founder & CEO

Fiona Choppe Magal

Co-founder & Board member

Nadav Willinger


Dr. Laurent Choppe

Financial advisor & Board member

Prof. Eytan Mor

Medical advisor

Prof. Benjamin Dekel

Medical advidor

Prof. Yigal Komem

R&D advisor