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Meet Akshay, 24 years old, on dialysis for 5 years.

Meet Akshay, 24 years old, on dialysis for 5 years. 🤍

Akshay post kidney transplant, now in dialysis

"I was born with Renal Hypoplasia.

I have been in dialysis since I was 8 months old to 2 years old. I received my first transplant at 2.5 years old, which lasted 14 years.
I then returned to dialysis for a year. I then received a 2nd transplant which unfortunately lasted only 3 years. And so, I have been waiting for a new transplant for 5 years now.

During this second dialysis period, I enrolled in a soccer team, which helped me a lot with the disease. It enabled me to breathe and decompress from daily dialysis.
The solution Heroki created, would have been a very good protection for me in the soccer team, especially being a goalkeeper.

You are often in risk of getting an impact if a ball hits you. ⚽ The Kidney Shield would have been a real asset of comfort for me.

Moreover, this protection would have really helped me in my daily life and when going out. Having been attacked twice in my life, the protection would have protected me and avoided many inconveniences."

Thank you so my for sharing your story with us.
HeroKi Kidney Shield was made exactly for heroes like you.🥇

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