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HeroKi at the WTGF TransplantWorld Journal

The HeroKi “Kidney Shield”

An innovation for the protection of the transplanted kidney

Five years ago, Alon Magal, a young civil engineering student received a kidney transplant after a long year

of waiting on dialysis.
After his transplant, the doctors told

him that a hard shock to his transplanted kidney could be fatal. It was then that he realized that he would not be able to regain his life as before and would have to be extra careful to avoid any trauma to the graft placed in the front lower abdomen. Alon was more determined than ever to keep himself safe and created his own safety belt. This is how the start-up HeroKi ( was born.

In a study conducted by Prof. Dorien M. Zelle from the Department of Nephrology at the University of Groningen in Holland, it has been shown that cardiovascular mortality is estimated to be four to six times higher in kidney transplant recipients than in the general population. Regular physical exertion is recommended to reduce this risk. However, it is clear that a large majority of recipients change their sports practices, or even abstain for fear of an accident.

HeroKi is proud to be able to actively contribute to the rehabilitation of kidney transplant recipients with its innovation, the Kidney Shield.

Created by Alon Magal and his wife Fiona Choppe, HeroKi aims to improve the lives of kidney transplant recipients and inspire millions of dialysis patients around the world.

Its founder Alon Magal is also the first user and client of the start-up HeroKi. Alon Magal

The Kidney Shield has been designed to act as a “bodyguard” to protect the precious transplanted kidney. Unlike other products on the market , HeroKi’s Kidney Shield is a medically approved, patented, and class 1 certified solution in accordance with the European Medical Devices Directive.

Steve DonaldThanks to its non-Newtonian material specially adjusted to the abdomen, the belt isable to absorb any impact by instantly forming a comfortable protective shell, andthat impact after impact. The protective belt with its ergonomic back support adapts
perfectly to every movement of the body. With its elegant design and superior
quality, the Kidney Shield is designed to be durable, washable and breathable and
for maximum comfort in any climate and whatever the activities practiced.
Lewis Daniels
The HeroKi Kidney Shield is intended for all kidney transplant recipients who choose
safety in their daily life. The transplant recipient can go out on their daily activities or
play sports with peace of mind, fully enjoying an outdoor activity with family or
friend HeroKi is a young start-up in full swing and forging ahead with the development of
new technologies that will allow the 

Alexandra funk
commercialization of innovative protective medical devices for the pelvic kidney and liver transplant recipients. Subsequently, the innovation of specific sweat sensors will allow non-invasive monitoring of blood parameters such as creatinine.

A whole development program for the future!


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