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Dialysis and optimism

Dialysis and optimism

I was 25, everything was amazing until I've found out that both of my kidneys are working only 5%. Two days after I started dialysis. Instead of traveling to Sri Lanka I've traveled to dialysis 3 times a week. Along the way, I met this amazing girl (on the picture) which 2 years later became my wife.

The most important things that helped me are:

1. Never ask "why me"

2. Read optimistic books

3. The power of love

4. Practice sports and meditation


Never ask "why me":

When you ask yourself why this happening to me and not to someone else you will find yourself without answers and you will waste a lot of energy. Reserve that energy to take care of your body through the dialysis sessions.

Read optimistic books:

Focus on learning the best method which makes you think in a positive way. For me, the best was reading books. I recommend two books that really helped me personally - The power of now by Eckhart Tolle and Everlasting Optimism by Leni Ravitz.

The power of love:

It is always easier when you are not alone. I was lucky to have met my wife in the most challenging times in my life. She made those times in dialysis much more tolerable and made our bond and relationship much stronger. Surround yourselves with people who make you feel good, strong and happy. Friends and family are always valuable in those periods of time.

Practice sports and medidation:

I found meditation and yoga to be very very helpful. Practicing sports during dialysis keeps your mind and body in a good shape which is super important if you are planning to have a kidney transplant one day.