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  • Ergonomically designed.

  • Fits perfectly on the body thanks to an ergonomic back support system. Designed with durable, washable, and breathable fabrics for maximum comfort at any climate or activity.
  • Second-skin shield.

  • The Kidney Shield is super comfy and adjusts to your body's every movement, yet upon impact, it forms a protective shield that keeps your new kidney safe.
  • Innovative comfortable protection.

  • A smart shock Absorber protective shield using innovative flexible and lightweight.

How it works

Innovative comfortable protection.

The belt incorporates a Non-Newtonian material, which has the counter-intuitive property of increasing its Young’s modulus (i.e., becoming more rigid) when mechanical force/stress is applied.  In other words, it is a soft, gel-like material that can sit comfortably over the transplanted organ, but it stiffens instantly upon being hit, thereby protecting the kidney.

How it all started

Behind Heroki's Kidney Shield, stands Alon, an ordinary guy who went through kidney transplant in 2016. He is the face and kidney of this journey. This is his story...


Our partners


"I went through a kidney transplant 3 years ago and was scared to go to the gym. I was terrified that accidentally someone will hit me with his elbow. Now that I have The Kidney Shield I feel safe. I can't see myself going to the gym without him."

Jenya, 3 years post transplant

"Before the transplant, I used to play soccer every week. Yet, after the operation, I did not feel comfortable going back to play. Luckily, I heard about the Kidney Shield and now I can play without risking my precious kidney."

Raz, 5 years post transplant

"The Kidney Shield covers the transplanted area well. It is super comfy and fits perfectly - you don't feel it's on you while doing a physical activity. It gave me the confidence I needed and allows me to arrive to my best performance! I can't imagine myself riding without it now."

Ofer, 1 year post transplant

"The bicycle is my only mean of transportation. Since the kidney transplant while I ride I always thinking of what will happen if I crash. Now I have peace of mind, my kidney is safe and I can focus on the road instead of the fear of being hurt."

Mark, 4 years post transplant